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Vacuum Flask Stem BL-Black


From commuting to snowy mountains
carry it around anywhere
High-spec lightweight stainless steel bottle

"Stem", developed as a successor to Rivers' popular stainless steel bottle "Flasker", is a high-spec model that combines higher performance and usability. It is a bottle that can be used not only for everyday use but also in harsh environments such as snow mountains.

■ Lightness. 200g equivalent to a smartphone
The stem achieves an ultra-light weight of 200 g by making the thickness of stainless steel as thin as possible. This is a light that I would like to choose by all means, such as mountain climbing etc. where I want to reduce the weight of the luggage as much as possible, not to mention everyday use.

■ We keep warmth insulation effect more than before with lightweighting + copper coat
By making the stainless steel thinner, the contact area between the inner and outer bottles is reduced, the heat conduction is reduced, and the heat insulation and cooling capacity has been greatly improved. Moreover, in addition to the improvement of heat retention performance by weight reduction, the copper coat was given to the inner wall of the vacuum part and the heat retention effect was further enhanced. Copper coating prevents heat transfer that can not be prevented under normal vacuum conditions and blocks heat from escaping.

■ It is hard to get smell and dirt by electrolytic polishing
The stainless steel surface on the inside of the bottle has an invisible level of unevenness, making it easy for dirt to collect there.
Therefore, by applying electrolytic polishing to the stem and polishing the surface to make it shiny, it is difficult to get soiled, and it is possible to suppress the odor shift of the drink after use, so it contains coffee and salt that tend to remain smelly. You can use it repeatedly without worrying about sports drinks.

■ Various usable gear "bottle leash" attachment
A lineup of 2 types comes with a simple standard specification for the stem and a special strap called bottle leash.

If this bottle leash is hooked on the bag, it will be used instead of a handle when moving by hand, and it will be easier to hold the bottle when opening the outer lid.

Product Name: Vacuum flask system BL
Raw material: Stainless steel (body, ring) /
Polypropylene (lid, inside plug, strap,
Hook) / polyester (Velcro, tag)
/ Silicone rubber (lid, inside stopper)
Capacity: 500 ml
Thermal effect: 73 ° C or higher (6 hours)
Cooling effect: 7 ° C or less (6 hours)
Size: Width 80 mm × Height 225 mm × Depth 70 mm
Weight: about 230g (with bottle leash attached)
Country of production: China

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