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THERMO JUG KEAT 1600 Khaki v2

Keat's large size 1.6L model is now on sale. The Keat product was the first tabletop pot in the Rivers lineup. I started selling with expectations and anxiety about what kind of evaluation I would actually receive, but it was a smash hit that exceeded my expectations. What's more, despite the tabletop pot, many camp enthusiasts uploaded photos from the camp site to Instagram because the campers and Rivers products are compatible with each other, and electrical products cannot be used. I think that there was a new need for pots with high heat and cold insulation to be used outdoors in the camp. By the way, not limited to such a keet, in general, the simplest principle to improve the heat and cold insulation performance is to increase the capacity of the drink. The larger the container, the harder it is for the heat of the drink to cool (on the contrary, the cold ones are harder to warm). Therefore, we decided to develop a large size, assuming outdoor use that is exposed to cold and heat and requires more drinks. Available in 2 sizes as a keet. This increase in capacity improved the heat retention effect after 10 hours by 8 ° C, reaching a maximum of 64 ° C. Of course, the cold insulation effect has also improved accordingly. The round shape is quite different from the Quito 1200. Monocolor (single color) feels a little pop atmosphere. The form that fits comfortably in either the house or the campsite is alive and well. For more information about the product, please see the blog. Thermo Jug Keat 1200/1600 Dedicated Lid Thermo Jug Keat 1200/1600 Dedicated Packing * Thermo Jug Keat 1200/1600 dedicated lid cannot be used because it is different in size from Thermo Jug Keat (old product). Please be careful. Product name: Thermo Jug Keat 1600 Raw materials: 18-8 stainless steel (main body, lid), polypropylene (main body, lid), beach wood (handle), polyacetal (lid), silicone rubber (lid, handle), stainless steel (Cover, handle) Capacity: 1600ml Heat retention: 64.4 ° C or higher (10 hours) Cooling effect: 6.3 ° C or lower (6 hours) Weight: Approx. 833g Size: Approx. W207mm x D146mm x H200mm Production Country: China * Silicone / dishwasher is not available.

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