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Howdy Johnny Vacuum Flask Stem STD CF 4 colors


A vacuum stainless steel bottle weighing only 200g, printed with the logo of Howdy Johnny's work theme "CAMPING FELLOWS".

Weight 200g. Lightweight vacuum stainless steel bottle developed with the latest technology

Original goods printed with the logo of "CAMPING FELLOWS", the theme of the short animation "Howdy Johnny" in which bears and wolves play an active role in the mountains.

■Lightness is justice. By making the thickness of 200g stainless steel, which is equivalent to a smartphone, as thin as possible, we have achieved an ultra-light weight of 200g despite the capacity of 500 ml. Not only can it be used as a personal bottle to bring to the office, but it is also light enough to choose for activities such as mountain climbing where you want to reduce the weight of your luggage as much as possible.

■Heat and cold insulation effect due to weight reduction and copper coat By making the stainless steel thinner, the contact area between the inner and outer bottles is reduced, reducing heat conduction and greatly increasing heat and cold insulation. In addition, a copper coat is applied to the inner wall of the vacuum part to prevent heat transfer that cannot be prevented in a normal vacuum state, and to block heat from escaping to the outside, further enhancing the heat retention effect.

■Electropolishing prevents stains and odors The stainless steel surface has unevenness that is invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, the inside of the bottle is electrolytically polished to make the surface shiny, making it difficult for dirt to stick to it and making it difficult for odors to transfer even if you put fragrant coffee or flavored tea. HOWDY JOHNNY (Howdy Johnny) Let's liven up the outdoor culture, "Howdy Johnny" was born from such a desire. Set in the mountains, this story involves bears, wolves, and even humans.


We are aiming for two minutes that will make everyone happy, even those who were not interested in the outdoors.
Now, please enjoy the bear and wolf talk today!

HOWDY JOHNNY official channel is here



Product name
HWJ Vacuum Flask Stem STD CF
about 200g
About W70mm × D70mm × H225mm (aperture size about 45mm)
raw materials
Stainless steel (body) / polypropylene (lid, inner plug) / silicone rubber (lid, inner plug)
Thermal insulation effect
73°C or higher (6 hours)
Cold insulation effect
7℃ or less (6 hours)
Country of origin
Not for microwave/dishwasher use.



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