The Unprofessional Home Barista Kit


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The unprofessional home barista šŸ˜…

Recommended for those starting to enjoy coffee and its freshness.

Create your own cappucino or just enjoy it long black šŸ˜Œ

The Package includes Hoop 350ml to make or froth coffee, Wallmug Demita for a resuable cup, Reuse Bottle Black to store coffee beans and a free milk frother (non rivers) to enjoy it with more variety


Optional is to Get Micro Coffee Dripper to Add to this line up :)



Do not compromise on taste, charm as a tool. A graphic version appeared in the popular hoop 350. To express the merit of the coffee press in one word, to be able to extract the original taste of coffee beans firmly. It is because it can extract oils of condensed coffee beans of scent and taste without cutting. The fact that this simple instrument made up of a beaker and a plunger is optimal for extracting coffee can be inferred from its appearance which has not changed since it was developed in the 1930's. If you like coffee, you may try coffee brewed in a press at least once. Features 1: Easy to remove with one switch. Slide the handle switch part and you can easily remove the beaker. Because it is used everyday, I stick to the high maintenance potential. Feature 2: New function for smooth mouse feel. For users that "Coffee presses are concerned about fine powder remaining in cups", a fine powder filter is attached. It is easy to remove and clean. Reduce dustiness, make it smoother taste! Product name: Coffee press hoop 350 Use classification: raw material for boiling water: heat resistant glass (beaker) / ABS resin (holder) / stainless steel (plunger, knob, fine powder filter) / polypropylene (lid, ) / TPE (holder) / methacrylic resin (measuring spoon) Capacity: 350 ml Size: about W: 105 mm Ɨ D: 70 mm Ɨ H: 150 mm Heat resistant temperature: 90 Ā° C (holder, light spoon) / 150 Ā° C (Holder, Measuring Spoon, Plunger, Fine Powder Filter) / Germany (Beaker) Cooling Temperature: -40 ā„ƒ (Holder, Light Spoon, Lid) Heat Resistance Temperature Difference: 120 ā„ƒ * We also sell spare parts such as beakers and filters.