• COFFEE SERVER FLOCK-clear - riversph
  • COFFEE SERVER FLOCK-clear - riversph
  • COFFEE SERVER FLOCK-clear - riversph

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I like coffee. Of course I am particular about taste. That's why there is a tool to choose, but it is not always compatible with the space's residents. Searching for a tool that combines practicality and beauty is just as important as a commitment to taste, and sometimes difficult. It is contrary to one's own style to have something that doesn't fit in your mind with practicality as a cause.


That's why I would like to introduce this flock.


I'll drop it as much as I can, and I'll be there in a somewhat minimalist manner, with some kind of loveliness. Casually and quietly, like a sheep or a bird swarming a little away from the herd.
Coffee server which does not break atmosphere of space.
Get the taste and beauty.

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