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Cave-R & Pond-F Set Box -Olive



A compact, foldable dripper holder that weighs a mere 14 grams
Due to extenuating circumstances, we’ve had to stop stocking our POND wooden dripper holder.
The POND has been very popular, but our pre-shipping inspections often found products that failed to meet our quality standards.
We determined that the partner factory that was manufacturing them was unable to meet our quality requirements,
so we had no choice but to discontinue the product.
Unfortunately, this meant that customers were unable to purchase the POND.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
We could not keep our customers waiting while we were engaging in negotiations aimed
at securing a stable supply of wooden PONDs, so we launched a new project.
We developed the new POND-F based on the concept of a compact holder for our highly portable CAVE REVERSIBLE.

What’s different?
The POND-F is made of plastic instead of wood, and weighs a mere 14g.
It folds in half across its middle, so it can be stored inside a WALLMUG.
We developed the POND-F with an eye towards the growing need for far greater weight reductions for activities
such as ultralight hiking and mountain climbing.
(The “F” in “POND-F” stands for “fold”!)

Putting it away is a snap.
Just fold the soft, silicone CAVE REVERSIBLE in half and put it inside the WALLMUG,
and then insert the POND-F, folded in half, between the CAVE REVERSIBLE and the side of the WALLMUG.

It fits in the following WALLMUGs.
It’s so compact, you’ll want to enjoy authentic drip coffee everywhere you go.

Coffee in the great outdoors is truly the best.
The CAVE REVERSIBLE was developed to make it possible to brew delicious coffee.
Sometimes, the quest for portability in outdoor gear results in tradeoffs with other important aspects.
There are some drippers that just can’t manage to make a delicious cup of coffee.
That’s why we developed the POND-F to be portable but also to make it possible to easily brew authentic drip coffee outdoors.

How does it differ from the MCD?
Rivers also sells MICRO COFFEE DRIPPERs, which can be stored away inside tumblers,
so let’s look at how these two products differ.

* Storable in tumbler: Yes
* Weight: 37g
* Brewing capacity (per brew): One cup (generally 140ml to 160ml)
* Filter: Stainless steel filter (does not require paper filter)
* Features: Rivers lightest dripper. It requires no filter paper, so you can easily brew drip coffee anywhere.
Depending on the fineness with which the coffee is ground, drip time may be slow,
requiring hot water to be added a little bit at a time.
Perfect for beginners practicing their dripping technique

* Storable in tumbler: Yes
* Weight: 88g (total weight of both dripper and holder)
* Brewing capacity (per brew): 1 to 4 cups (depending on paper filter size)
* Filter: Requires separate paper filters
* Features: This silicone dripper is reversible, with different ribbing on the front and on the back,
making it possible to adjust the balance of bitterness and acidity.
This item makes it possible to enjoy the world of coffee at an even deeper level.

Click here to learn more about the CAVE REVERSIBLE.
One dripper with two rib patterns. The new CAVE REVERSIBLE, for the ultimate coffee fanatic.

Considering the weights and capacities of these two products,
the MCD is best suited for mountain climbs involving overnight tent stays,
long trail hiking and other situations in which you wish to further reduce your load size,
while the CAVE REVERSIBLE is great for times when you want to enjoy a few cups with friends,
like when camping or hiking.
The easy to use MCD, which requires no filter paper, is suited for use by beginners,
while the CAVE REVERSIBLE is the dripper of choice for those wishing to enjoy more authentic coffee.

Bonus function – Paper filter guideline

What do you think this V-shaped line is for?
It’s a guideline for perfectly folding conventional paper folders for use with the CAVE REVERSIBLE.
The CAVE REVERSIBLE has a narrower center angle than conical drippers made by other companies,
so conventional paper filter edges need to be folded deeply for use with the CAVE.
The V-shaped guideline makes it easy to determine where to fold paper filters.

Like the CAVE REVERSIBLE, the POND-F is available in three colors: olive, black, and red.
It is sold on its own, and in a set together with the CAVE REVERSIBLE.
* The colors of the CAVE REVERSIBLE and the POND-F are identical in each set.

If you already have a CAVE REVERSIBLE, or if you want to combine colors,
buy the POND-F on its own.
If choosing is too much trouble, or you want to give it as a gift, we recommend the set.
Enjoy an unplugged coffee (a delicious cup of coffee, enjoyed outdoors) this summer!!

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