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Two rib patterns on one dripper. Dripper Cave Reversible

Two rib patterns on one dripper. Dripper Cave Reversible


In reference exhibition at SCAJ (Japan's largest specialty coffee event) in 2017,
A revolutionary coffee dripper "Cave Reversible" that gathered interest in many Coffee People.

There was a director of a big company in somewhere and the existence of a patent was confirmed,
Overseas Barista champion came and he was tempted to use it right away,

Let us know more about this River's 2018 release product.


What is a cave in the first place?

Cave is a conical coffee dripper developed by Rivers.

It has a central angle of 50 ° and is narrowed to a slightly sharp angle,
Because the cone angle is sharp, the powder layer of coffee beans becomes thick,
It is aimed at the hot water tangled firmly with the powder at the time of extraction.
This structure is popular also from many varistors and I often get compliments of words.


"Cave reversible" is a silicone dripper that followed Cave's cone angle of 50 degrees,
Two types of ribs different on the front and back of the dripper are engraved.

Since the main body is made of soft rubber, it can easily turn over (reversible)
It is the greatest feature that you can select and extract with optimal ribs that match the characteristics of coffee beans.



what is a rib?

How well do you know about the ribs carved inside the dripper?

Looking at things on the market, ribs are long or short, spiral or straight.
This rib design has great influence on the taste of coffee that each company thinks.

In the first place the role of the rib is to create a gap between the filter paper and the dripper body and to control the flow of hot water.
It affects the taste greatly depending on the flow of hot water that has penetrated the coffee beans.


A cave with two kinds of ribs may be extracted with different taste even with the same beans.
Depending on the type of beans and how they are brewed, the difference in taste difference may be large or not at all.


So, how does each rib shape actually affect coffee?


When this coffee, acidity is strong (A side)

The culture of enjoying high-quality bean flavor characteristics (terroir) such as single Origin and Specialty Coffee is now fully taken root.

However, I hear the voice that I was surprised when I actually drunk it was sour,
To tell the truth, I am not good at being too sour.

In the city, micro roasters (small cafes with roasting facilities and roasting shops) also increased,
There is also a feeling that roasting that emphasizes strong acidity is prominent.

If you feel that beans with such a sour characteristic are not good, if you extract using the A side of the cave, the sour characteristic will be slightly alleviated and the balance characteristics will change.

The point is to brew as slowly as possible.
It is quietly burning, slowly.



When feeling the coffee is bitter (B side)

On the other hand, when the beans are roasted deep like as for espresso,
In the case that it turns into burning bitter coffee, we recommend B side.

A total of 24 long ribs and short ribs are alternately arranged,
Since the extraction speed becomes faster than the A surface,
It tends to be finished to refreshing characteristics.

The trick is not to pour the hot water very slowly,
After the steaming process I think that the way of brewing like pouring at once into the dripper is right.



Actually, if you are a professional varistor, change the balance around here,
You can adjust it well by changing the extraction speed.

There is a well - balanced way to match the characteristics of beans.

In fact, however, it is difficult to control extraction speed unless it is an experienced varistor,
Even in that sense it is a translation that I think that it is pleasant if you can change it to your favorite taste just by changing the rib face.



Optional exclusive holder "POND", warmth of natural wood complements the taste


In Rivers, we have two types of holders, "POND (pound)" and "PEAKS (peaks)", as a special dripper holder for Cave.

The warmth of natural wood has a high affinity with coffee, which is a favorite item, to complement the taste of coffee.
Both are simple forms, you can match any mug or server.


Also use in outdoor ◎
Rivers who is pushing for excitement to enjoy coffee outside (unplugged coffee).
Cave Reversible is perfect for outdoor as well as course.

Silicone caves can be stored in Sleek and Demita, so portable is the best.

I talked about the difference in taste, but in reality this convenience that I can use without any hesitation in outdoor is the biggest charm.
Worth buying this alone "big"! It is (laugh)


If you are interested in making coffee yourself, please try playing with a light feeling.
It would be great if Cave Reversible gave me a chance to enjoy your coffee even more.


Caution) Although frequently asked questions, filter paper for cave is not on sale yet.
Please fold deeply the end of a commercially available conical filter paper. use Size 02


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